Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Backporch Sittin'

Chris and I hope to see a little more back porch sittin' in our future.

Life is so hectic, and taking a moment to sit on the back porch as a family is just what we need sometimes.

To help us achieve this, we bought little Miss B this cute chair:

We found them clearanced for $5, so we actually purchased two of them. Ya know, in case little B decides to invite a friend to our back porch sittin' party.

We also bought two of these, and we love them!

They are outdoor rocking chairs. Perfect for quiet evenings on the back porch! Please excuse the grass in the photo... Chris was mowing the lawn while I was snapping pics.

Here's to peaceful evenings with the family!


Mercedes said...

She is such a happy baby!

Sara and Cayce said...

I totally want the rockers!