Friday, October 29, 2010

Brianna's Baby Book

When several of my friends and my sister had babies, I made them a little baby scrapbook to put photos in. I had always planned to do one for Brianna as well, but never found the time before she was born. After she arrived, I was busy with... well... her.

However, now that she's a little older and we are in a really good schedule, I have found that completing projects has become a lot easier. So, I finally finished her little scrapbook!

Here is the outside of the book:
The cover page:

This page has a place for each of us to write a love note to Miss B:

The rest is pretty self-explanatory.
I wrote the poem on the second-to-last page. It reads:

Our baby, our sweet, our dream-come-true,
Our amazing blessing, all pink and new.
Our wish for you is for true and pure love,
To reach for the stars, and seek the Father above.
As you sparkle and glisten, shining the light of your life,
My you prosper and thrive with little strife.
May your beautiful smile never grow dim,
As you grow in your love for life and Him.
Our baby, our sweet, our dream-come-true,
Welcome to the world, it's been waiting for you.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful. I love the poem.