Friday, November 5, 2010


$8.39 was the magic number the other day when I went shopping. I purchased three super-cute dresses for Brianna for just $8.39! I was so excited!

Isn't this dress so cute? It was marked down 80% to $5.39.

I thought this dress was so pretty. I bought it in 18 month size and 24 month size. They were also on sale (80% off) for $5.39 apiece. At that price, I thought why not get both sizes?

So, if you're doing the math, you are probably thinking, "How did she get all the dresses for only $8.39"? Well, I also had a $10 off any purchase coupon!
Full price, I would have paid $90.00 (before tax) for these three dresses. I love scoring sweet deals *grin*!

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Angie said...

That is a good deal! Where was it at? Love the dog dress!