Sunday, November 7, 2010

And she crawls!

So, Brianna has been *almost* crawling for about a month now. She scoots, rolls, army crawls, and crawls backwards to get anywhere she wants to go. About a week ago, she starting crawling in the traditional sense, but she would only take two little crawls then stop. I wondered if she would ever really crawl. When it comes to physical things, like rolling over, pulling up, crawling, etc, she doesn't seem to be all that motivated. Hmmm, maybe she's too much like me? *grin*

Tonight though, she decided she wanted to crawl over to Daddy and help him knock down a tower of blocks he had built. So, that is exactly what she did! In one evening, she went from two crawls to crawling all the way across the living room. After doing that a couple of times, she has already gotten faster.

Chris and I are so proud of our little darling. We were so excited that I took two videos (had to have two different angles!). I have always thought crawling babies are just too cute :-).


Lisa said...

Go Brianna! Chloe Jo says "ehhh."

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...