Monday, November 15, 2010

A Totally Rad Birthday, Dude!

This past weekend, The Hubs threw me a crazy party for my {unassigned number} birthday. It was an 80s themed party held at the local skating rink!

LOVED putting this outfit together! The best part of Hubs' ensamble was the 'stache!

It was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. dressing up. Even my cake was 80s themed!

The rink was full of middle-school/tweener aged kids. I'm sure they thought we were crazy! About 30 minutes into the party, the DJ clears the floor, has me skate out to the middle of the rink BY MYSELF, and plays a Happy Birthday song. It may have been one of my most embarrassing moments EVER, ha!

We were one good looking gang...

My friend, Christie, and I showed up wearing the exact same tacky earrings. Classic!

Ross called his outfit "transition" as it was a little too 90s. Still cracked us up, though!

Love the wings in your hair, Joy Lin!

My parents even came for the event. Kendall convinced my mom to wear this black mullet wig. She actually fit right in at the skating rink, lol.

The in-laws came as well. Love the big hair!

We are children of the 80s!

Brianna was there for part of the party as well. She soooo did not know what to think of any of us!

We had a great time skating, and I {surprisingly} didn't even fall once. Chris can't make that claim, haha! I will say, though, that I was a bit stiff the next morning. I would say that I'm getting too old for this stuff, but my dad skated too so I'm pretty sure I've got nothing to stand on there. An 80s skate party is something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I'm glad that we finally did... before too many more birthdays went by *grin*.


Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

HAHAHAHHHAHA.... I think I saw Molly Ringwald in the background somewhere! *Loves it*

Angie said...

It was soooo much FUN!