Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brianna is 9 Months Old!

Is it true? Is my precious baby really 9 months old?!? Brianna and Baby Kelly: "Mom, I'm way too busy for this Baby Kelly stuff. See ya!"This has been a HUGE month for Brianna! She has learned so many new things, but number one in my book is that she is sleeping through the night consistently!!!I can't believe it has taken this long, but I am so happy that we are finally here! Not every night is perfect, but it it soooo much better than it was. I don't know what happened, one night she just slept all night. Then, it happened again and again and again. I had forgotten how nice it is to sleep all night!

Big thing number two this month is that Brianna is full-fledged crawling now! This has brought out a whole new aspect of her personality. We find her in all sorts of spots around the house, just checking things out. She loves to crawl under the dining table, coffee table, and beds in the house. We are also standing more and more these days. She loved to be brave and let go of whatever it is she's hanging on to and try to stand on her own. She is not cruising yet, but we are close.

Along with good sleeping, crawling, and standing, this month also brought her first tooth! One night she was fussing non-stop. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and we were both getting frustrated. Then, she bit my shoulder (something she had never done before) and I had an aha moment. Sure enough, her first tooth had popped through. It is one of her bottom front teeth and it came through on November 11. She now loves to feel the tooth with her tongue, sticking it in and out.

We discovered that B loves mashed potatoes and gravy, real green beans, refried beans, and pizza crust. She has yet to refuse to eat anything I feed her. She has never been that interested in food, although now that she's crawling she has more of an appetite. She learned to drink through a straw about 2 weeks ago and loves to practice that skill. She is rapidly outgrowing her 6 to 9 month clothes (although still wearing mostly that size), wears size 3 shoe, and size 3 diaper.

We've had some very chilly mornings, so we had to bundle up! She wasn't too sure about the mittens.

Some of Brianna's favorite things include clapping, giving high fives, popping her lips (to give kisses), waving bye-bye, books, her stacking blocks (loves to knock these over once we've stacked them up for her), and pretty much anything she isn't supposed to have :-). Brianna is still talking constantly... mostly babble although she does say a few words. She says Dada, Baba (bottle), Hi, and Mama. Of course, she only pulls out Mama when she's desperate (like in the middle of the night when I won't go get her). There are lots of times that she sounds like she's saying words, and we enjoy assigning thoughts and words to her babble *grin*.

After all the firsts this month, we can't imagine what next month will bring!


Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

She just makes me smile.

Lisa said...

Mer! B, I love you and can't wait to see your cute little self in January!!!