Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lately, it has become nearly impossible to take decent photos of Brianna. She is just way too interested in... well, anything but posing pretty for her picture-loving Momma.

This day, I wanted to snap a few pics of this very cute outfit Miss B was dressed in for church.

There were about 6 others, but these two were the only ones that were even slightly decent.

Later in the day, I thought I'd try again.

First, we wanted to suck in our bottom lip (this is a habit).

Then, we wanted to look at the Christmas tree instead of the camera.

Let's look just past Mommy at the wall!

Oh! Daddy is walking by. I think I'll wave!

Here Mom, let me show you my silly face!

Okay, I'll smile, but I still won't look at you!



Mercedes said...

I think all those pictures are great and catch the essence of her instead of just how she looks.

Chris said...

I love the series. It is so Brianna right now and made me laugh this morning!

Lisa said...

I can't stop laughing! Hilarious!