Monday, January 24, 2011

On Making Babies

If you follow my sister's blog, you have already been introduced to this book. However, for those of you that haven't heard of this book, I wanted to introduce you to it.

I started reading this book recently on the recommendation of my sister. It is basically a guide for women and men wanting to maximize their fertility... and hopefully improve their chances of getting pregnant "naturally". The authors categorize fertility challenged women into 5 groups, then give recommendations for vitamins, supplements, and simple life-style and diet changes for each different group.

For me, I know that my fertility issues are directly related to my PCOS, and I have done extensive reading and research on the condition. So, the book isn't really telling me much that I don't already know. However, I wish that I would have had this book about 5 years ago because it would have been so helpful to me then. There are a couple of things that I am going to add to my diet (like a tea concoction and a few supplements) based off of the information in this book. Even if the result of these minor changes is not that I get pregnant on my own, to authors claim that my body will be more sensitive to fertility treatments. That would be great, considering we have had to cancel cycles in the past due to my lack of response to the meds.

For someone who has unexplained or unknown fertility issues, I think this book would be fantastic! There are tons of anecdotes in the book about couples who were able to get pregnant naturally by using the "remedies" in this book. Also, I know of two women (through the internet) that followed the diet and became pregnant on their own after they suffered with infertility. I do believe it's a stretch to say that they became pregnant because they were following the book, but I do believe that one can boost their fertility with supplements and vitamins, and that sometimes there is an "easy" solution to fertility problems.

So, for anyone out there that is struggling to get pregnant (even if you're not sure you technically have fertility problems), I do recommend that you read this book. If nothing else, there is a lot of good info that you might want to know.

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