Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spending time in Missouri

Last summer, my sister moved to South Carolina, taking her beautiful little 15 month old daughter with her (the nerve!). We haven't seen them since they moved, so when I found out they were going to be at my parents house for a couple of weeks, I made plans to be there as well.

The trip ended up being a lot longer than I had planned because both girls got very sick while we were there. One night, Brianna was up crying and crying and crying (with a fever of about 102.5) and Chloe was up vomiting repeatedly. Lisa and I were both so frazzled that Lisa finally decided to go wake Mom up. Of course, Mom diffused the situation, and even though I'm 3o years old, I was so thankful to have my Mom there! Despite this, we did have a great time!

It takes Chloe a very long time to warm up to people sometimes, and Brianna is very touchy and in-your-face with other children. So, for the first 3 (or 4?) days we were there, Chloe didn't really like Brianna. She certainly did not want B to touch her, or shriek with joy when she came in the room, or really even look at her. She did eventually warm up to Brianna, although she still liked any physical contact to be her idea!

Chloe and Brianna (10 months apart in age) eating breakfast:

We eventually had to move their chairs to opposite sides of the table because B would touch Chloe while they were eating (and try to steal food off of her tray), and that caused lots of problems.

Lisa and I enjoyed dressing them alike! They are *almost* the same size (B is only about 2 pounds lighter than Chloe).

We tried once to give them a bath together, but that didn't work out very well. B loved it, but Chloe didn't.

The funniest thing was that Chloe was actually really protective of B, even though she acted like she didn't like her. If Brianna was getting scolded or crying about something, Chloe would cry like her heart was breaking. Chloe would also bring B a doll when she was being put down for a nap and pat her on the back when she was coughing. So deep down, Chloe really loves her :-).

Remember these super cute dresses? The girls wore these to church, and we got lucky with this pic (they are BOTH smiling!).

Because of our good luck with the above photo, we decided to try a photo shoot at home (excuse the photos... I am an amateur... obviously). B smiled pretty in her photos.

Miss Chloe enjoyed having her pic taken, as well.

However, when we tried to take their photo together, this is what we would get! Ha! I think it pretty much sums up their relationship.

Even in their matching dresses, they didn't want to sit still...

... until we gave them toys for a tea party!

They had a great time playing with this tea set.

They even looked in the direction of the camera. Ha!

Unfortunately, this was the best I could get of them two of them sans tea set.

Li did snap this cute photo, though.

And, because we are apparently crazy, we also tried to get a pic of the 4 of us using the timer on the camera. I was pretty pleased with this... everyone is at least looking and somewhat still!

My brother and his family were supposed to come for a few days as well, but they weren't able to make it :-(. We definitely missed them this time. Even with all the sickness, I think my parents still enjoyed having us!

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