Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration, Part 2

*Warning* This post contains a bit of photo overload! I just couldn't seem to narrow it down any more *grin*.

So, last Saturday - the day after B's birthday - we threw her a party. I made many of the decorations, and I must admit that I went a tad overboard. What can I say? Being snowed in for 2 weeks just fueled my already compulsive tendencies! Ha!

I don't really even know where to start, so I'll just begin with the invitation. For most of the decorations, I used the leftover scraps from B's scrapbook that I made.
... the outside ...

... the inside ...

The next set of photos are the decorations that we displayed around the house. This was on the wall just opposite the front door (leading into the kitchen):This display is of all the Baby Kelly photos of B. I thought it was really cute to see how she has grown each month! Below that on the chest, I displayed her scrapbook, the invitation, and the cupcake favors.Two close-up shots of the cupcake favors (I made the cupcakes, and they looked ok):I hung these paper lanterns in the middle of the living room. B loved them!This is where the birthday girl sat to tear into her cake. What a mess!Had to have a few balloon bouquets... probably B's favorite part!This is our entertainment center:Here is the gift table before everyone got there. The few gifts on the table were from people that couldn't make it to the party but sent gifts.In the kitchen, Chris and I made this for the wall. It's about 2 feet in diameter. Excuse the ugly light fixture, and concentrate on the hanging ribbons. I was happy with how they turned out!I did not make B's cake, but I did make the "topper". I love the way it turned out (the cake, that is)!I had a matching smash cake made just for B!I got completely carried away and even made little tents to tell what the food is. I was determined to use every. single. scrap. Ha!Here is the whole table:AND... the very best part of all... THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! She liked her party (especially opening the gifts), but she was a bit overwhelmed by it all. Brianna was so cute digging into her cake, but it started out a bit rough. I wanted her to wear her party hat, but popped her in the face with the strap when I was putting it on her! Ack! She only cried for a minute or two, but I felt terrible. Mommy gets a time-out! "Happy Birthday to you..."

Brianna wasn't sure what to do at first...

... but we quickly got the hang out it! Ha!
I have a ton of photos of B opening her presents. She had so much fun, although she did get tired of it and her cousin, Zeke, had to open part of them for her.
Love this pic!

Brianna waited patiently for me to get her new Cabbage Patch Kid out of the box:
B and her friend, Callie, exploring the gifts. B and her cousin, Zeke (who helped her open her presents): This doll is so cute... and her name is Brianna! Love it!
Look at all that loot! B sure hauled it in! Brianna enjoyed having all the party guests at the house! Here she is with Grampy: and Meme: and some of the family that was there: and my besties (love the look she's giving Tia, ha!):
My dear friend, Christie, and our girls:
and G-Jo and Grampy:and finally, with Dada and Mama:It's always in the back of my mind that this may be the only first birthday party I'll ever throw. While that thought is a bit depressing to me, it also helps me to enjoy every moment and be present in every moment.

We truly had a fantastic day, and appreciate EVERYONE who helped us celebrate our beautiful girl's first year of life.


Abigail said...

She looks so grown up!! You did an awesome job on her party. Way to go, mom!!

Melissa G said...

She is beautiful! Can't believe she is a year old already though. I have to say you and Lisa are the most creative people I know.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe she's 1 already! What a doll!!!


Heather B said...

Chelley, your pics of B and her birthday are so good! And I am real impressed with your skills! I knew you were creative, but my goodness

Heather B said...

Chelley, your pics of B and her birthday are so good! And I am real impressed with your skills! I knew you were creative, but my goodness!

Miwa said...

Oh no!! She is too cute!! Happy first B's birthday and Chelley and Chris, happy first anniversary of being parents!!!!!!