Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good morning, blogworld! This week, I decided to link up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Fun times!I'm loving that we were able to spend this past weekend with my parents. It's so nice that we live close enough to go visit them often! I'm loving Brianna's new raincoat that I bought for her the other day. Cute, cute!I'm loving the new recipes I've tried over the past few weeks. I'm not one to reach out of my comfort zone with food, so this is a BIG deal! Last week, I made Rosemary-Dijon pork chops and oven roasted potatoes. Pork chops are not my favorite, but this was super YUMMY! No photos of this as it was gobbled up before the camera had a chance *grin*.

I'm loving the age Brianna is right now! She is becoming such a little person, but is still a cuddly little baby at times. She seriously makes me laugh constantly throughout the day!
{You were missing this outfit, right? I promise she does not wear it everyday *grin*}
I'm loving how great Brianna's 1-year photos turned out {courtesy of}. The ones I ordered should be arriving any day, so that's exciting!I'm loving my Kindle, and the book I'm currently reading on it, Emma. Who doesn't love a good Jane Austen novel?I'm loving that Brianna and I have been able to spend some time outside thanks to the BEAUTIFUL weather we've had. We have taken walks, played on our swingset, played with bubbles, and been "exploring" in the yard. A little Vitamin D does us all some good!Link up here!


Joy Lin said...

L.o.v.e. the raincoat!!!

Beth McC. said...

Love all the pictures and I just might have to borrow that raincoat! So cute!!

Lisa said...

Yay for linking up! It's fun, right!?

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ... and for leaving a comment! I'm just starting to really get into this blog world, so I appreciate it greatly! :-)
In the few minutes I spent on your blog, it looks like we have a lot in common ... I'm 31 and my husband and I have been together 14 years, married 11 ... and I, too, had a major struggle with infertility before being blessed with my daughter! (And now am back there again:(
I love Brianna's raincoat! I'm a polka-dot fanatic! :-)
Thanks again ... following you now. :-)

Kit said...

Great things that you are loving today!!!

Tracy said...

This is my favorite age, too! She is a cutie.

Tatiana said...

Just found you blog :-)

She is such a cutie! I saw that raincoat at Old Navy and I almost bought it for my little girl, too :-)