Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi, everyone. Did you all have a good weekend?

I am happy to report that I'm feeling much better for the most part. There are still times that I feel pretty nauseous, but I'm functioning now so that's good. Yesterday was a pretty bad day, but not as bad as they had been.

My fluid contrast ultrasound is scheduled for a week from today. I'm a bit nervous about it, as I really don't know what to expect. And, I learned my lesson about googling things like that a long time ago ... so I'm not going there :-). We are also praying that everything looks good. I think I'm mostly nervous about what Dr. P might find.

This weekend, we spent some time hanging out with our friends, Ross and Tia, on Friday night. Then, on Saturday, we went to see Chris's grandparents. Chris has been going out to their place about once a month to do some work for them since they are getting elderly and unable to do some of the manual labor stuff for themselves. Brianna had a good time with her great-grandparents ... she is such a social bug and loves to make visits!
Grandma & B

Sunday, of course, was church. Brianna wore the cutest little spring dress: She didn't actually wear the bunny ears to church. She was just playing around with them beforehand. I kept looking at her today and thinking how much less baby she is looking. She has really slimmed down lately too. No doubt it is because she is walking... err, running everywhere.

Happy Monday!


Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

You are someone I admire. I applaud you for putting yourself through the stress, physically and emotionally, of working for baby #2. I can't wrap my head or heart around whether or not to go down that road again. I say it's because I'm worried about making it work with two babies, but the truth is I can't stand the roller coaster that comes with TTC. I pray for you for strength and peace, and I pray the Lord hears your prayers and puts his love to work for you and your family.

Angie said...

So glad you are on the up hill! Been thinking a lot about you! Love you!