Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Monkey Girl

I can't believe I am writing this post about my 13 month old child. . .

Imagine our shock the other night when -- over 30 minutes after she had been put to bed -- our daughter came running into the kitchen. She rounded the corner, giggled the most accomplished little giggle, AND SCARED ME TO DEATH.

Brianna had climbed out of her crib! We had. no. idea. that she could do that. Her daddy {may have} been speechless. Her mommy {may have} cried a little. Brianna was {for sure} proud of herself!

We sure thought we had some time before dealing with this. We really didn't think it was possible for her to escape her crib, but she teaches us new things every day!

The offender, after her crib mattress had been lowered as low as possible:
Stinker. :-)


melissa78 said...

hahah!!!! To Cute!!

Emily said...

SUCH a pretty picture!!!!! It's great that you could lower the mattress so she can't escape again - at least for a little while ;)

Anonymous said...

Our patience will achieve more than our force.