Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy hump-day, Blogworld!

It's time for . . .

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I'm loving this beautiful color on my fingers and toes!

{Basket Case by Orly}

I'm loving the SteveSongs cd that we are doing in Music Class now. The songs are so clever, catchy, and totally not obnoxious!
I'm loving that it has been over 4 months since I've had a single sip of any kind of soda pop. I wondered if I could really give it up, but I'm doing it!

I'm loving these recent scrapbook layouts that I've completed:

I'm loving that last weekend our friends Angie & Eric came over. After a steak dinner complete with corn-on-the-cob, potatoes, deviled eggs, and yummy bread, we sat around our fire pit and roasted smores for dessert. YUMMMMM!!! I love smores!

And finally, I'm loving that it has stopped raining here so B and I can start spending our mornings outside again! B loves climbing up the slide as much as going down, ha!
What are you loving this week?


Lisa said...

Great list!

I put nail polish on my list this week, too. How weird.

Kit said...

Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!! Love that nail polish!

Mallorie said...

I LOVE that nail polish color!!! :-) SO PRETTY! I have to go find that!!!

Sarah said...

I love Steve's songs. Our girls watch PBS in the morning before school and they always get up and dance when he comes on. We have a little girl that we call B also.

A Day in the Life... said...

I'm so impressed that you have gone this long without any soda! Go girl!! :)

The Forrest Family said...

You are so brave to not drink soda! I wish I could do that!!!!! :)

Jennifer Lynn said...

Love those s'mores!