Monday, June 27, 2011

Hearing the heartbeat

Last week, we went to visit my RE for our first pregnancy ultrasound. This appointment was so exciting for a couple of reasons. First, we were to hear the heartbeat for the first time. There is just nothing like that sound! Also, it is the appointment where we found out for sure how many babies are growing inside of me. I am so thankful that our appointments are first thing in the morning so I didn't have to wait for it all day!

We took Brianna in the exam room with us this time because Chris really wanted to be there as well. The minute Dr. P walked in the room, she started bawling! This is so not like her, but he really frightens her. Fortunately, he just laughed and started telling stories. He always tells stories the whole time he does the ultrasounds.

When Dr. P began the ultrasound, I was holding my breath just waiting to hear the heartbeat. At first, he couldn't detect the sound of it, but he quickly told us that he could see it beating. I was so thankful that he told us that! However, he was finally able to detect a strong audio wave of the heartbeat. It was so great to hear that! The baby's heart was beating at 127 bpm.
While Dr. P was searching for the audio of the heartbeat, he went ahead and took measurements of the baby. Oh, and yes, there is just one! It was measuring its exact gestational age (7 weeks, 0 days), and about 9 millimeters long. I made the comment that it was incredible that someone only 9 millimeters long already has a heartbeat! The nurse responded with, "Yes, there's already so much life there". Dr. P even highlighted the heart for us to show us that it is approximately 1/3 of the size of the baby right now.
My official due date was set for February 6, 2012. That is about 2 weeks before Brianna's 2nd birthday. We'll go back to Dr. P for an ultrasound every 10 days until I'm almost finished with the first trimester, so that means another appointment on Thursday. The baby should be about double the size that it was at this appointment.

I've been feeling okay for the most part. The first trimester fatigue has certainly hit me. I was having problems feeling very nauseous all day long, but I think I've figured out how to help that. One day, I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin, and had a really good morning. After I remembered to take my vitamin about noon, I started feeling really bad. So, now I'm taking my vitamin at night and it has helped a ton!

I actually like having nausea and other symptoms because it makes me feel pregnant. I think I'd worry so much more if I didn't have any symptoms at all.

This whole process has truly been just as exciting for us the 2nd time around. We are so blessed!


Mallorie said...

How exciting!!! :-) I am so happy for you and your sweet family!!! I also take my vitamins at night...they just always made me feel yucky/super thirsty in the morning or at lunch!!!! I can't wait to hear more about this sweet baby!!! Congratulations again!!!

Elana said...

YAY!!!!! Super exciting!

Mercedes said...

How awesome! You are gonna have your hands full in the awesome way!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a boy!

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

Michelle Duggar says (whatever you want to take from that) the pregnancy symptoms are a blessing b/c they mean you're body is doing what it's supposed to. Here's to a happy healthy pregnancy!

Emily said...

SOOOOOOO exciting for you!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! And I'm totally jealous that you get to have so many visits to hear the heart, ultrasounds, etc. Waiting almost 18 weeks this time to get to see my baby is SO nerve wracking!!! Congrats girl!