Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping cool at the pool

While cousin JT was visiting us, I wanted to make sure that we had activities to do everyday so he wouldn't be bored. Fortunately for us, our friends who have a pool very generously told us we could use it during the day!

We had a blast swimming! Brianna has a kiddie pool, but it doesn't even compare to the fun she had in the big pool!
This floaty turtle was fantastic! B loved trolling around the pool in it, and it even has a sun-shade that she used most of the time to keep the sun off of her precious baby skin.
Little Miss Too-cool-for-school :-)
Daddy even took a few days off of work while cousin was here, so he came with us to the pool as well. Of course, B LOVED having her daddy there too!Taking a break from the water to give daddy some lovin':
JT was pretty crazy in the water, but that is to be expected of an 11 year old boy. Chris was also super crazy in the water! The two of them together? A COMPLETE MESS!!!
Daddy took a break from chasing JT in the water to pose for a pic!
I think these sunglasses are so cute, but B will only wear them for approximately 36 seconds at a time. Maybe next summer she'll do better.
JT took these next two pics. This was the first day we went, and B didn't want much to do with the water. It didn't take her long to warm up.
My very favorite photo from the pool . . . she was telling us how she "swims". So cute!
Yaaaaaayyyyyy summer!

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Nicole said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!!!!