Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've been holding out, I know

So I know that I've left you all kind of hanging regarding the results of our fertility treatments. Sorry about that . . . the suspense ends here!

Last week, I went to my clinic, gave blood, then headed home to wait for the call. Sometimes, they get back with me fairly quickly. Other times, I have to wait quite a while.

After waiting for several hours, the phone finally rang.

And I found out that our cycle worked.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I went and purchased home pregnancy tests just so I could see the lines for myself. Ha! It's still very, very early, but I am pregnant! I think I'm still in disbelief! I was really mentally prepared for the long haul again.

And yes, I'll be updating more about this soon!


Bec@littlelucylu said...

Hi Chelley,
First of all, I SO look forward to having you for Fun-day Friday when you get the chance! :-)
And second ... I am hoping God had a plan for you to comment on my post today so that I would come here to your blog to see your post today.
Long story short --- I have just had my very FIRST IUI ... and I am insanely nervous/anxious/etc. (You know the feeling!)
It took us a couple of years to get pregnant with Lucy - and we never saw a fertility specialist because we just kept thinking it would happen. Now, it's been another 2+ years since we've been trying for #2, and we finally went to a specialist -- to find out that it is actually my HUSBAND who has the "issue". We are hoping and praying that IUI works for us as we REALLY don't want to have to come up with $15,000 for IVF - though I'll do what I gotta do! But seeing your post just now has given me a whole new bunch of HOPE, and for that I a thankful! :-)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO SO happy for you!!!
~Bec :-)

Melissa said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting indeed!!

Elana said...

Yippeeeeeee!!!!! I was hoping and praying that you were silent because you were digesting the big news. I'm so, so super happy for you guys!

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...


Mallorie said...


Mercedes said...

Wooohooo! I am so excited for you!

Jamie Lee said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you guys!!! :)

KJG said...

I'm overwhelmed at the faithfulness of the Lord!! I'm sitting here with tears threatening to spill out just thinking about the gift you've been given!!! So grateful for his goodness to you and your family.

Nicole said...

Congrats!!! :) :)