Friday, June 10, 2011

Sprouts Play Cafe

There is a place in a town near ours that is called Sprouts Play Cafe. I had noticed it several times before and always thought it looked interesting.

A few weekends ago, Chris, B, and I were out running errands and we decided to go in and check out what Sprouts was all about. I'm so glad we did!

It is the cutest little deli/play-place. It has a huge play area that is decorated and painted so cute, an art room, and a place with tables and chairs to eat.

Basically, you pay a small fee for your child to play in the play area (under the supervision of the staff) while you eat or visit or just hang out in the eating area. There is a wall separating the two areas, so the children cannot see you, but you can see them if you need or want to.

About a week after trying it out, B and I met a new friend and her two kids here for a play date.
B thinks it's great! She loves running around the play area without Mommy!

It was really nice to be able to visit with the other mom while the kids were being entertained. I thought this cow on the wall was cute.

B also loves these puzzles they have on the wall.

She had no desire to look at the camera. There was just too much to do!

B also loves being with the other children. We haven't been able to try out the art room part of Sprouts too much, but I'm sure she would love that as well.

At this point, she was like "C'mon Mom, stop with the photos and just let me play!"
If you have something like this in your area, you should definitely try it out!

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Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

That sounds like the greatest place ever!