Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hooray for Wednesday! I'm jumping back on the link-up bandwagon today!

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I'm loving Brianna's new super-cute backpack. She loves it, too! She looks like she's ready to take off out the door in this photo!
I'm loving that my friends, Wes & Kendall, are leaving for Brazil very soon! I'm kind of living vicariously through them. I made them this Survival Kit with some of my must-haves for overseas traveling.
I'm loving Brianna's beautiful baby blues! She knows how to work them to her advantage, too :-)
I'm loving the framed prints that I made for my niece's room make-over. I actually made two others, but I didn't get photos of those. I made them with my Cricut machine (love it, too!)
I'm loving that Brianna has been able to spend time playing in her kiddie pool! Until recently, it hadn't been warm enough to play in water, but summer is finally here!
And finally, I'm loving this smile. It melts my heart!

I am so blessed. What are you loving today?