Sunday, July 31, 2011

VBS 2011: An Outback Adventure

Who's ready for an Outback Adventure?!?

Brianna is!!!
This past week was our annual VBS at church. It was such a good, uplifting time! As usual, Chris was our director and led songs during our big assembly time. He is great with the kids!
Oh, and he's dressed like he's going on a camping trip in the Outback (think The Croc Hunter). The night that I took photos wasn't his best outfit, but the kids still understood.

We sang this great song for the first time this year, and the kids LOVED it. They requested it every night and we even sang it twice on the last night. It goes like this:

When I grow up, what will I be?
I want to be a _________.
When I grow up, what will I be?
A _______ who is a Christian!

To go with the song, we had these great cutouts of different careers. The kids would come up and put their little faces in the cutouts while we sang to them.

Here is Chris being a police officer:

Miss B thought that going up in front of everyone was FANTASTIC! Here she is being a farmer:

Here is Chris the Chef (or Baker . . . there was a debate every night about which one it was!)

This is our niece, Abby, being a teacher. This face was a favorite because it was flexible and the kids enjoyed deciding what the person was going to be that night.

My class was a bit smaller than usual this year, but we still had a great week! Cute kiddos :-)

I thought this shot of the girls in the class was too cute!
It really was a great week. We hope and pray that God was glorified and the kids learned valuable lessons!


Mercedes said...

Looks like you all had fun! Brianna is a cutie as always!

Angie said...

What a great VBS!