Friday, July 29, 2011

A great time with the Greats

A few weeks ago, I shared with you all that Brianna and I were able to spend a couple days visiting with my grandparents while they were staying at my parents' house. I did end up getting a few photos worth sharing . . . not an easy task these days!

I think this photo of Brianna with her great-grandparents is so sweet! She LOVES Pappy and would ask for him every day as soon as she woke up.
Isn't this tent fun? B enjoys playing in it all the time, but she especially loves it when I get in the tent with her. I don't mind getting in (it's fairly roomy), but it gets hot in there quickly. I was cracking up this day because my Granny crawled in with her. Yes, those are my {older-than-75-but-younger-than-80} Granny's legs and feet you can see sticking out of the tent!

Brianna and her pal, Pappy . . . having a great time as usual! One day, I walked in the living room and she had him babysitting her two little Cabbage Patch Babies. Another day, he dozed off in the chair and she shhhh'd me and said, "nigh-nigh". Ha!

I'm not sure why, but I was having camera troubles while we were there. My camera wasn't focusing, so I have several photos that I like but are blurry. This candid one is sweet . . . B is sitting on Granny's lap feeding her baby a bottle.

G-Jo worked during the days, but got prime time with B in the evenings before bed. They read books every night we were there.

I realized that I don't have a four generation photo of the ladies of the family, so I was determined to get one! Enter self-timer and good cropping. I couldn't believe that I caught this shot where everyone is looking and eyes are open!
As usual, we had a great time with the greats! I feel so blessed that we live close enough to them to spend quality time with them often!


Mercedes said...

Good pix!

Lisa said...

Whenever my camera is taking blurry pictures it is usually because there is a tiny fingerprint on the lens. :)

I miss me some Grand Pappy and Granny Tiger!

Angie said...

Awe, how sweet!