Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I've decided to join in on the What I'm Loving Wednesday fun today!

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When thinking about the things I'm loving right now, I realized that my mental list was almost completely composed of food! So, I trimmed it down and tried to think of other things, but apparently food is on the brain, haha!

I'm loving this shirt I found for Brianna! She wore this outfit to church a few weeks ago to announce our big news to everyone. It was a cute way to tell our church family *grin*.

I'm loving nectarines right now! Brianna loves them too, so we usually split at least one a day. YUM!

I'm loving that Brianna is my little social bug! She is so friendly and always waves and says hi to everyone where ever we go. This is completely opposite of me as a child . . . I was the kid always hiding behind my mom's leg!

I'm loving the thought of cupcakes right now! I've had a cake mix in the pantry for over a month just tempting me to make cupcakes, but I have yet to give in! I probably think about them daily though. Don't they look soooooo yummy?!?

I'm loving how cute The Hubs is when he is directing VBS! The kids love him, too :-).
I'm loving this fun little girl in her pretty little dress! Oh, and this dress is a hand-me-down from Cousin Chloe, so I'm adding hand-me-downs for Brianna to the list of things I'm loving today!

I'm loving Etsy right now! I've only ever purchased a couple things from Etsy, but I love browsing and looking at all the super-cute things out there. Is anyone else addicted to browsing Etsy? Please say yes!

And finally, I'm loving that Brianna is such a Daddy's girl. Melts my heart :-)

What about you? What are you loving today?


Mercedes said...

Brianna is always such a cutie. Yes Etsy is an addicting site. Right now I am in remission. Have fun with VBS and good luck with the preggers.

Lisa said...

I'm totally addicted to Etsy! I get so many good ideas from there!

B is so cute in that purple dress. Precious!

Beth McC. said...

Such a fun post, lots of sweet pictures!

Angie said...

I was eating a nectarine as I read this post! And I agree, they are so juicy and good right now!

Amy Rene said...

i love that purple dress!! Stopping over from the link-up :)

{I'm hosting a giveaway that ends Friday & would love to see you there!}

Sarah said...

MMM. Those nectarines look SO good! And, your family is GORGEOUS. You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Dani said...

So cute!!! Family time is the best!
I'm loving that it's Friday and that Jon and I are having date night tonight!! woohoo!! Happy Friday!!