Friday, August 19, 2011

My baby is 18 months old!

Yesterday, my baby girl turned 18 months old! I know I've said this before, but sometimes it seems like she was just born yesterday, and sometimes it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

I decided that we needed a Baby Kelly photo to commemorate the occasion. Here they are:

Friends for sure now!
So, what is Little Miss up to these days?

I'm not sure about her physical stats (height, weight, etc), but we have an appointment on Monday with Dr. F (B's pediatrician) so we'll find out then. She is wearing 18 month sized clothing, mostly size 5 shoe (a few 4s still fit), and size 4 diaper. She's also still in a rear-facing car seat, but we'll be turning her around soon.

Brianna is still a GREAT eater. She will try anything that we give her, and has only rejected a few things (cottage cheese for one, she HATES it). She is serious about her eating, and says "bite", "more", "all done", "milk", "drink", "spoon", and "yum" while we eat. 

Some of Brianna's favorite things to do include playing outside, taking baths, reading books, doing puzzles, playing with her babies, watching Elmo and Dora, and TALKING. The child talks constantly (and she's LOUD), haha.

I thought about writing out all the words that Brianna says now, but I'm not sure it would be possible. She repeats after us all the time, and will attempt to say about anything we ask her to. She has recently started saying, "ABC" and "1 2 3". She also says, "4 5 6" and "8 9 10", but never really says 7. She can identify several shapes (her favorites are hearts and stars) thanks to a shape puzzle we have. She also likes to put puzzle pieces in the wrong place on purpose, then shake her head and say, "Nooooo", then put it in the correct place.

We're still going to music class, and Brianna loves it. She also loves Bible class, and does the motions to the songs at both places. She anticipates what is coming next during both classes as well. I think she could teach the classes :-)

Brianna has FINALLY gotten some of her molars (within the past month). She now has 4 front teeth on the top, as well as a molar on each side. On the bottom, she has 3 teeth in the front and a molar on each side. We'll get a mouth full eventually!

Another thing that is so fun, is that Brianna is starting to pretend play a lot now. She cooks us up things in her kitchen and loves it when we pretend to eat or drink it. She also pretend plays with her babies all the time. She's very affectionate with them, and loves for us to kiss and hug them as well. She will zoom them around in her doll stroller, although it's pretty dangerous for the babies as she crashes into things and wrecks the stroller frequently. She still loves other kids and is very outgoing with them.

Our sweet, sweet girl is very affectionate with us and others. She brings so much joy to our lives . . . we just love her so much! She keeps us laughing and moving all the time. It has been an incredible 18 months!


Life With Lauren said...

She is precious! Great pictures!

Cori said...

She is so beautiful! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I look forward to following your story! Yay for PCOS success!!!