Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks!

I'm a couple of days late on this update (I turned 25 weeks on Monday), but I didn't want to miss it altogether. Here I am yesterday (25 weeks, 2 days) . . . please excuse the lack of make-up and messy hair!
It wasn't until this point during Brianna's pregnancy that I became brave enough to take a belly shot. Here is my 25 week belly shot with her:
It's hard for me to tell much since the photos are so different, but I do think I look a bit bigger this time around. Maybe just carrying a lot differently?

This week has not been the easiest pregnancy week. I've been burning up all the time . . . as in sweating through my shirts. GROSS. I can be just sitting in the living room and I'll start sweating profusely. If I'm actually up and moving around, there's no doubt I'll be hot and sweaty. This, folks, is the {not so} glamorous side of pregnancy!

Sleep is okay although I am getting up to use the restroom more. I've been having some lower back pain, but it's not keeping me from sleeping for the most part. With Brianna, I slept with a bean bag that had been warmed in the microwave on my back almost every single night starting at about this time. I'm not quite there yet this time. I think it really helps that I'm up moving around so much more (not sitting in a desk chair all day).

I have had a few issues with cramping for the past two nights. It's happening in my lower abdomen, doesn't last long, but is very sharp. I think it's just stretching. I hope.

My self-esteem has been very low lately. I'm just feeling big and gross right now (the sweating doesn't help!), and still getting comments about how huge I am. Last Saturday, we hosted a Ladies Day at church. I was scheduled to give the welcoming and closing remarks. About 10 minutes before I was set to get up in front of everyone to welcome them, a lady said to me, "I can't believe you're only 6 months along. Oh girl, I feel sorry for you! You are going to be so huge by the time Christmas gets here. I bet he'll be a 10 pounder."

Yeah. How exactly is one supposed to respond to that?!? I laughed it off, but of course it was in my head as I'm walking up to the microphone in front of everyone. UGH. I don't remember feeling this way with Brianna . . . not sure what my problem is this time around.

I think that's about it for now. We have several fun activities planned for this weekend, so we're looking forward to that. I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend as well!


Mallorie said...

I have NO IDEA why people think you're so big, you look adorable and not big at all! I also have no clue why people say the things they do to pregnant women...I had a lady yesterday ask when my Due date is and I said then she said, "so how far along are you?" to which I replied...39 strange. She then went on to tell me about ALL THREE of her labor experiences...yes three. And she was my cashier at a store so people were listening/waiting. And let's just say she didn't have the most plesant birthing experiences...

As for the sweating, I've had that lately in my hands and feet! Isn't it strange the things our body does while we're pregnant?! haha :-)

And since you've gone through this before...any advice for a first time mommy?? :-) Mine could come any day now, but I have an induction scheduled for Monday so she'll for sure be here by then!!! :-)

Lisa said...

People are so rude..and they don't even know it. You look fine. You're cooking an adorable baby boy in there. Give yourself a break.

Sarah said...

People need to just keep their mouths closed ;)

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

You look wonderful!!!!!!!!