Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

A little over a week ago, Chris and I took Brianna out to a local pumpkin patch. It's the same one that we visited last year, and we were really looking forward to taking Brianna there again this year. I love the photos that we captured of her last year and had high hopes that we would get a few good ones this time, too.

It is difficult to get good photos of B these days because she is too interested in what is going on around her. After taking TONS of shots, we did finally get a few good ones :-)
Brianna really wanted to pick up a pumpkin and carry it around. Obviously, they were too heavy for her, and when she tried to pick them up, she would turn to us and say, "Oh! Heby!" It made us laugh.
She was quite excited when Daddy sat this one in her lap for the photo. Love this shot!
We finally let her go pick out a small pumpkin to hold while she rode in the wagon. She was thrilled!
This pumpkin patch has several pins of animals, including goats, chickens, pigs, horses, llamas, and a cow or two. Brianna was fascinated by the animals . . . she especially loved when the cow mooed at us.
As much as she liked the animals, she wasn't sure what to think about this guy. She had to study him for a while.
A nice couple with an adorable baby dressed up as Mickey Mouse offered to take a family photo for us. Brianna though Mickey was too cute . . . which made for a good photo :-).
She really loved just walking around and exploring the place most of all. This is just such a fun age! She was thrilled that we purchased several pumpkins and gourds to take home, and we even let her put one of the small ones in her room. She talks about it every day!
We have been having tons of fun doing all sorts of Autumn activities lately, so stay tuned!

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Lisa said...

Love those pictures! She is so cute!