Monday, October 31, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 26 weeks!

I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and we are down to double digits until my due date. Here I am at 26 weeks along:
That little bump you see at the end of my belly is the very top of my belly button that is beginning to pop out. With Brianna, it never completely popped out, but the top of it did poke out like it's doing now. I wonder if it will pop this time?

Earlier this week, I was doing {something} and thought, "This is harder than it should be already. I'm only 21, wait . . . 22, no wait . . . oh, almost 26 weeks pregnant! Maybe that's not so bad after all." I can't believe I'm almost finished with the 2nd trimester. Didn't this just happen?

I'm making some good progress making/customizing a few things for Brenson's nursery, and this week past week I bought all the paper I'll need to complete his favorite-pic-of-the-month first year scrapbook. I'm excited to really get started on that!

We talk to Brianna a lot about having a baby in the house, and about her being a big sister and having a brother. I think the idea is really growing on her. I hope so, at least :-).

Pregnancy brain has been in full swing this week. I'm very forgetful and a bit absentminded. I have always thought pregnancy brain was a myth, but I'm quickly changing my mind about that! When I remember to.

Have a great Monday!

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