Friday, November 18, 2011

Brianna's Baby

For the past several months, we've been talking to Brianna a lot about having a baby in the house. She knows that the baby's name is Brenson, that he is in my belly, where his room is, etc. I've written before about how sometimes she doesn't want to talk about him or pray for him. Lately, when I've been working in his room or sorting through baby stuff, she will grab something and say, "Mine!"

At other times, she pats my belly very gently and says, "Baby" in a sweet little voice. She also adds Brenson to the list of people she wants to thank God for at night sometimes. A few times, she has even kissed my belly (after seeing Daddy do it). 

I'm sure it's normal to wonder and worry a bit about how she'll react and adjust to having a new baby in the family. I want it to be an easy transition for her, and I truly believe that eventually she won't remember life without him. However, I don't want her to hate him at first or feel insecure/neglected. This is normal, right?

Well anyway, since we've been talking a lot about having a baby in the house, Brianna has become even more interested in her baby dolls. She's always loved them, but now she interacts with them more than just carry them around. They are also usually the first thing she says she wants to thank God for at night. She'll say, "Amber, babies" (Amber is her favorite Cabbage Patch doll). A couple of weeks ago, I was able to capture these sweet photos of her and Baby Kelly.

Here she is reading Baby Kelly a book:
And then, toting her around the house:
She makes her dolls "cry" (the cutest little fake cry ever), then feeds them a bottle to help them feel better :-):
"Look Mom, I'm feeding Baby Kelly a bottle!"
The sweetest thing is probably when she gives her babies kisses:
She also pats them on the back when they cry. Love it :-).
I'm hoping that this is a good sign that she'll be accepting of a real baby. Regardless, it is so sweet to see her nurturing and loving on her dolls.


Lisa said...

I think it is so fun to see little one's start play-acting!

Angie said...

You are an amazing mama!