Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 29 weeks!

I'm a day or so late with my 29 week update, but Brianna has been sick (read: Momma hasn't been able to get ANYTHING done :-). 

Here I am 29 weeks pregnant:
Not much has changed this week. I'm not really sure I'm even much bigger (you may disagree, haha). I'm still having some back pain every night that I'm managing with heating pads and pillows. Based on past experience, that probably won't get better until after the baby is born.

One thing that I have noticed this week is that I haven't really been hungry for anything. Every time it's time to eat, I think and think and think about what might sound good and come up with nothing. I'm still eating, just not enjoying it so much.

Last week, I had to take my wedding band and engagement ring off. When I was pregnant with Brianna, I always wore rings on my right hand ring finger and my wedding ring finger. About mid-way through my pregnancy with her, my right hand started to break out with a rash every time I wore rings on that hand (and these were nice rings . . . made of white gold). I pretty much haven't been able to wear a ring on that hand for more than one consecutive day since then. My left hand was never affected (although I did end up not wearing my wedding ring because of swelling at the end).

Last week, I noticed that my finger was itching. Sure enough, I had a rash with swelling on my left hand ring finger! I took my ring off and the rash went away within 24 hours. Of course, my wedding ring is made of gold, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Now I look like a pregnant divorcee' (because it is very obvious where my rings have been)! Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to wear rings again eventually, but for now they are a no-go. *sad*

I told Chris that I am almost 75% finished with this pregnancy. He looked at me and said, "We are no where near 75% prepared for this baby." Which, is true. For once, however, I'm less worried about it than him :-).

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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