Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Photos

Soooo, a while back (like September 8th!) we took Brianna to have her 18 months photos taken, and had a few family shots taken while we were at it (our photographer is Shea Casey). I have been horrible about getting family photos done, pretty much because I don't usually love photos of me so why pay money for them?

Brianna is not generally the most cooperative child when it comes to photos. Consequently, while there are several of these photos that I like, there aren't really any that I love. But, I'm still glad to have them!

We started the session indoors in this pretty little dress. I like this photo okay, although not especially thrilled with the coloring. 
This photo pretty much sums up how Brianna feels about getting her photo taken. Haha!
Sweet face :-):
Allllllllllllllllllllllmost a smile. Almost.
Then, we went outdoors to take a few more photos. I am a little over 18 weeks pregnant in these pics . . . which is enough to have a pooch, but not enough to look pregnant. So, I'm sporting the chubby look :-).
Love my little family!
Do you think we love this little girl much?
I like this pose the best . . . wish my face didn't quite look so chubby :(.
We also had a few pics taken of just B. This one is probably my favorite:
Who can resist cute boots?
I love how she still looks like she has a baby face in this one:
She was sooooo not thrilled to be sitting in the grass, haha!
But, it grew on her. Soon, she was rolling all around in it!
I'm going to try and be better about having family photos taken. I know I will cherish them later on!


Lisa said...

I have been wondering about B's 18 month pictures. I keep thinking I'll get some....

I love the last one!

Suzie said...

Your family photos are fantabulous! Brianna is adorable! love those piggies on top! Happy to read about baby Brensen. Cool name.