Sunday, January 29, 2012

A little Saturday fun

For the last 3 or 4 weekends (since the holidays), we've been busy spending our Saturdays preparing for Brenson's arrival . . . everything from finishing the nursery to cleaning the garage to setting up all the baby stuff to doing a major grocery/baby supplies shopping trip. Slowly but surely we have checked everything off of my many lists of tasks that I wanted completed before Brenson's arrival. 

Last weekend, we deep cleaned the house and took a moment to exhale. That meant that this weekend, we had no necessary tasks left to complete and no plans. Yay!

Brianna has been having a bit of a hard time lately. She has been very clingy to both Chris and me, and has even had a few nights of interrupted sleep where she's woken up crying (for what reason exactly, we don't know). However, every day she asks us questions about Brenson, so I think her behavior is directly related to the fact that she knows big changes are coming but doesn't quite understand them completely. For example, one day last week she asked me if Brenson would sleep on Dada's pillow (she loves to lay on Dada's pillow . . . not sleep, just lay on it). She has also been saying, "My mama" and "My dada" a lot lately. I truly think that she will settle down and things will be better once he actually gets here and she sees that everything is okay.  

Anyway, so we decided to spend the day hanging out as a family and soaking up these last few days of just the three of us. We both felt like Brianna needed it right now. I had already made plans to have Old Lady Breakfast with my college besties, so Chris took Brianna on a breakfast date this morning while I was with my friends. After breakfast, we met up and went to the local aquarium. 

We had such a great time! Brianna absolutely loved the aquarium! We had our family photo taken in a photo booth . . . it took five different shots and we could choose one. Three of the photos were terrible for one reason or another, but the other two were really good. One was "perfect" . . . we were all looking AND smiling (lucky day!), and the other one was this:
I chose this one because it just makes me laugh. It shows Brianna's little personality and what a great time she had on our outing!

How tall is Brianna? Almost THREE feet! Wow!

These fish were swimming around and around in a circle, so Brianna is telling Dada in this photo, "They go round and round and round."

Here she is petting a starfish. This aquarium has 4 or 5 exhibits that are hands-on . . . very cool!

Here she is looking at the turtles. She loved this!

This exhibit had these beautiful bright blue, red, and yellow frogs. When Brianna saw this little guy, she said, "Ooooh, I love him!" Haha.

This is at another hands-on exhibit where she was petting a shark egg:

At this exhibit, you can buy food and feed the stingrays. We didn't buy any food ourselves, but we had fun watching others feed them. Brianna's expressions were priceless! She's saying, "Oooooooh" in this photo :-).

Here is a short video of yet another hands-on exhibit. These were also stingrays. They were moving through the sand on their "tummies" so that is what Brianna is telling us.

After grabbing a quick lunch, we got back home just in time for Brianna (and Momma *grin*) to take a nap. We had planned to go to a local basketball game that evening, but it ended up being postponed. Instead, we took a nice, long family walk. The weather was gorgeous (although a bit chilly . . . it is January after all).

One perk of going to the aquarium this morning is all the walking that we had to do. While I didn't really feel like doing more walking, I really want to see at least a little progress toward labor at our next appointment, and I know that walking can help with that.

Plus, I got to spend more quality time with my family. Win - win :-).

This day is one that I will cherish for a long time. It was great to just hit the pause button and spend time doing something fun together.


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Glad we were able to squeeze in some O.L.B time! :)

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