Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks!

As of today, I am 36 weeks pregnant . . . also officially 9 months along! I seriously can't believe it.

Here is a photo of the baby bump this morning:
And, my 36 week baby bump with Brianna:
I think she had already dropped by this point, but he certainly has not.

We had an appointment with Dr. N this morning. I found out that my Group B Strep test was negative, which is no big deal either way but it is one less thing to worry about now. My blood pressure was 112 over 68 (more normal for me than last time), and my weight gain was minus 2 pounds. That's right, I actually lost weight. I know that this is normal for many women later in pregnancy, but it never happened with Brianna. I gained right up until I delivered with her, so I was surprised! My total weight gain is now 23 pounds. I currently weigh 5 pounds less than I weighed when I delivered Brianna, so I am hoping to stay under that number.

The nurse had me prepare to be "checked" at this appointment, but Dr. N didn't end up checking me. When he did the ultrasound, Brenson's head was still "floating" which means that most likely there is no dialation or effacement happening yet. When Dr. N showed us this, I said, "So this means there's really no point in checking me, right?" to which Dr. N replied, "Probably not, so we'll skip it this time." Whoo-hoo!

I have been very fatigued and nauseous off and on this week. Sleep has been pretty terrible again. The other night, Brenson was in my ribs and lungs and I felt like I couldn't breathe (and therefore couldn't sleep either). It was one of those moments (which have been very few and far between for me) that I'm ashamed to say I thought, "Okay, I'm over this whole pregnancy thing." Fortunately, it was a pretty fleeting moment and for the most part, I'm still enjoying being pregnant. Of course, I'm always thankful to be pregnant after everything that we've been through to get here, so I try really hard to be positive even in the harder moments.

This past weekend, we set up a few baby things around the house (like the swing). We also went shopping and purchased everything that we think we'll need for when Brenson gets here. I'm sure there are a few things that we've forgotten, but I feel much more prepared now. I'll be packing hospital bags this weekend (hopefully), and we plan on installing the car seat base this weekend as well. Tonight, we are taking a hospital tour, so that's exciting. When I delivered Brianna, the maternity ward was under construction. It's all finished now, but much different than before so we felt like a tour was in order.

I feel so much less anxious this time around, and that is really nice. Knowing more what to expect is very helpful :-)

There is a lot of blog catching-up that I have to do, so hopefully I can make that happen this week! I kind of hate it that my blog is becoming nothing but pregnancy updates.

Happy Monday!


Elana said...

Second babies usually don't drop until labor begins. I'm getting super excited for you!!!!

Cayce, Sara, and Lily said...

It all sounds blissful. Even the rib digging suffocation. ;-)