Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ring Around the Rosie

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my 10 year old niece, Kaylee, taught Brianna and Chloe Jo how to play Ring Around the Rosie. They both loved it and played and played and played it while we were in Tennessee at Kaylee's house.

Brianna played it a bit more with Kaylee when we saw them at Christmas, but hasn't really brought it up much since then. The other night, I was on the phone with Kaylee and she asked to talk to Brianna. When Brianna got on the phone, she almost immediately said, "Ring a Rosie" to Kaylee! I was honestly surprised that she remembered and associated since it has been over a month.

Yesterday, on our way home from my doctor's appointment, Brianna started playing Ring Around the Rosie in the car with her mini Barbie doll. AND, I was lucky enough to actually catch it on video! This is for you, Cousin Kay Kay!

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R said...

She is so cute!