Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zoo Day!

For the past several weekends, Chris and I have been wanting to take Brianna to the local zoo. She LOVES animals and plays with the Little People Zoo she got for Christmas every day. We thought it would be one more fun outing to have as the three of us before Mr. Brenson arrives (SOMEDAY!). 

This morning, even though the weather was a bit chilly, we decided that today was the day for the zoo! And, as an added benefit, this would be the perfect way for me to walk, walk, walk :-). 

Because it's a Thursday in February - and because of the weather - the zoo was pretty much EMPTY of guests. There were literally like 10 cars in the parking lot. We've never been on a day like this, and honestly it was wonderful! Also, the animals were very active compared to the dead of summer when we normally see them. It was fantastic! 

The chimps were coming right up to the window to say hi to us. We probably spent 20 minutes in the chimp house interacting with them. I don't know if it was because we were the only ones in there or what, but it was so neat!

The animals were posing for us! We loved it!

Brianna thought the pink flamingos were funny . . . and really, they are a pretty funny animal!

Little Miss gets so serious sometimes watching the animals. We love watching her watch them :-).

I've never really seen the Lions up and moving around much, but today they were. This guy even roared a few times for us (a little scary!). See what I mean about them posing?

Our zoo has three giraffes, and they are so cute. They came right up to us like we were as fascinating to them as they are to us!

We spent a lot of time watching the giraffes.

This guy was napping until we walked up. He wanted to see the people crazy enough to be out on such a chilly day!

We were even able to see the elephants working with a trainer and doing a few tricks.

I'm so glad that we took the time to do this with Brianna. We all had a great time, and decided that THIS was definitely the way to visit the zoo. I don't know if it was the weather or lack of crowd, but seeing the animals out and about like this was AMAZING!

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