Thursday, February 2, 2012

What month is this?

The weather this week has been gorgeous (as in temps close to 70 degrees!) It's hard to believe that a year ago, we were buried in the biggest snowfall in our state's history.

Brianna and I have been having fun taking advantage of the gorgeousness and spending some time playing outside. I couldn't resist sharing these adorable videos. She is just getting so big! The videos were taken on Monday, January 30th.

I love how fast she learns how to do things. With just 10ish minutes and a little practice, she was climbing the slide ladder in no time!

And finally, I can't resist this little laugh! She does swing on the "big" swings sometimes, but after falling off twice, she was reluctant to get back on.

I love winter, but these days have been wonderful as well!


Lisa said...

Adorable! Can't wait to love on her and baby brother in a couple of months!

Angie said...

Adorable!!! She is so precious!