Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back in the {Music Class} Saddle

I am behind on my blogging. Again.

I get caught up, then get behind, then get caught up, and it seems like the cycle never ends. However, I LOVE having our daily life documented, so giving up the blog isn't an option right now. I just wish I could keep up with it!

Okay, moving on. 

Two weeks ago, Brianna and I (with Brenson in tow) started back in our Bouncin' Beethovens music class. We haven't been since December, so Brianna was beyond excited when I told her we were going back.

It didn't take her any time at all to remember the routine. Here she is with the rhythm sticks:

I love how she watches the teacher and tries to mimic her exactly!

Remembering how much fun music class is:
This is during free play time. She loves to play the xylophone

Showing Mommy how it's done:

Brianna's favorite little music class friend is named Jackson. His family added a baby sister on December 20, so she's a little over 6 weeks older than Brenson. Look how much bigger he is than her (she is very average sized)!

Mr. B was not happy about having his photo taken. This was at the end of class, so he was ready to go!

Brenson seems small to me until I see him with other babies that are around his age. Anyway, I'm so glad that we're back in class. It's a little more challenging with an infant and a toddler, but Brenson is usually very good. Someday {too} soon, he'll be drumming and singing and clapping along with us!

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