Friday, April 6, 2012

Marriage Enrichment Seminar

Last weekend, Chris and I attended a marriage enrichment seminar at a church in a nearby town. I wasn't too sure about going at first, but after some convincing from Chris, I agreed. I just didn't know what to expect . . .  plus I didn't know if I was ready to leave Brenson for an entire Friday evening AND most of Saturday. 

They actually had childcare at the seminar, but Chris and I for sure didn't want to leave Brenson with people we didn't know. So, we asked Chris's mom to come to our house and watch him for us. She graciously agreed, and it worked out great. Brianna came with us, and I think she really enjoyed having us all to herself. She also really loved the childcare at the seminar . . . she is such a social little thing! Before we headed to the seminar (it started at 7:00pm Friday evening), we took Brianna to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Chris and I have both been trying to drop a few pounds so we hadn't been there in several weeks. Brianna was SO excited to eat rice and beans! I think she had been going through withdrawals, haha!

While there, I had a bit of a traumatic experience. Okay, I'm being a little dramatic here, but it was definitely no bueno. The owner of the restaurant has a daughter who is just a few weeks older than Brianna, so every time we go in there he makes a really big deal of Brianna. They have become buds and he'll even carry her around the restaurant to greet other customers. So, as we were leaving, he was telling a customer that Brianna is his little friend and that she's about the same age as his daughter. The customer looks right at me and says, "Oh, and you have another on the way. How nice." UGH. Talk about a blow to a girl's self esteem! I'm definitely not completely back to "normal" but I certainly didn't think that I still looked pregnant. I'm not gonna lie . . . I almost cried when she said that. It was one part of the night that I could have lived without!!!

We arrived in the town where the seminar was held pretty early, so we decided to take Brianna to get ice cream cones at the local Mickey D's. Do you think she was a wee bit excited :-)???

Sharing a cone with Daddy . . . life is good!

Brianna actually prefers to eat it from a spoon rather than lick it.

After the comment at the Mexican restaurant, Momma needed her OWN ice cream cone! No wonder I still look pregnant . . .

The seminar itself was fantastic! Chris and I both felt like we learned a lot, and most importantly, it opened up dialogue between us regarding how we can improve our marriage (not that we feel like it's in trouble, but there's always room for improvement). We are both so glad we went!

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Lisa said...

The picture of you and Chris is great! I hope they have another seminar so Russ and I can go!