Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brenson is Two Months Old!

Today, our sweet baby Brenson is two months old!

Here he is with his giraffe:
I totally didn't realize it, but he's wearing the same outfit in this month's photo as he was in last month's photo. Only this month, he fills it out more. A lot more.

Brenson had his two month check-up and immunizations with his pediatrician yesterday. I was very anxious to  see what percentiles he falls in because I know he is a BIG boy. Well, he was off the charts for height . . . measuring 25.75 inches! He is seriously SO LONG. He weighed 14 pounds 7 ounces, putting him above the 97th percentile, but not too far above according to Dr. F. His head circumference was 40 cm (54th percentile). After getting shots, he was super fussy most of the day yesterday. Poor guy :-(.

In clothing, Brenson wears size 3 month, 3 to 6 month, and a few size 6 month pieces. We are still using the onesie extenders for many of the onesies because he needs the extra length. He wears size 1 shoe and size 1 diaper. I think we'll be moving to size 2 diaper soon, though.

He is a GREAT sleeper! He has been sleeping through the night since a little over 5 weeks old. At first, it was 7 to 8 hour stretches, but for the past 3 nights he has slept 9.5 to 10 hour stretches. Mom and Dad are LOVING this! He sleeps best when he is swaddled nice and tight. We almost always put him down awake, and he will fall asleep on his own. Also, he will sometimes fall asleep in the carseat or swing, but will not sleep for very long unless he's swaddled and in bed.

Brenson is still a "spitty" baby. He's not quite as bad as Brianna was, but we rarely pick him up without a burp cloth. This is what happens when we do:
Poor Chris was just getting ready to walk out the door for work, picked Brenson up to kiss him goodbye, and became a target. Sometimes, you just have to laugh! He also spit-up all over everywhere at the doctor's office yesterday while getting weighed. Of course, I didn't grab a burp cloth before taking him to the scale, so it was quite a mess!

As far as temperament goes, our little guy is pretty feisty. He still has his screech/scream that he does when he's mad (and he tends to get mad quickly). However, he's also a very happy baby when he's happy (make sense?). He loves to lay and play. In fact, if he's awake and not eating, he does not want to be held. Sometimes, he'll be fussing and fussing so I'll just lay him down and he will be as content as can be.

We're getting lots of use out of his playmat:

He can already touch the toys with his hands and kick the ball! Brianna wasn't long enough to do that until like 5 months old.

He also enjoys his bouncy seat and swing. He is really focusing on the toys that hang and even trying to grab at them some. He can't grasp much on purpose yet, though.

Brenson hates to have a wet or dirty diaper, and loves to lay on his changing table. He is really focusing on faces now too, and will just laugh and coo when I talk to him. He also responds really well to Daddy, and he loves to watch and laugh at Brianna. I love watching him watch her!

Another place that he will lay and play for extended periods of time is on his giraffe mat. We also do tummy time here, but he still hates it. He does hold his head up very well when we are holding him on our shoulder.

Mr. Man is a great eater. He is exclusively breastfed, but does take bottles of pumped milk. He eats every three hours during the day, beginning at about 7:00am. If he isn't being fed exactly on schedule, he will cry and cry and cry. The boy is serious about his food!

Other little tidbits about Brenson right now: He hates the carseat and will sometimes cry persistently in the car.  His hair is growing back in really well. All of the new hair looks very blond. His eyes are a deep gray/blue . . . much darker than Brianna's blue. He has a prominent dimple in his right cheek and a slight dimple in his left cheek. Of course, he also has the obvious dimple in his chin that we love. He loves his bath now. He will take a pacifier and definitely prefers the "soothie" type, but pretty much only uses it to fall asleep.

We are just so in love with this little guy! God has truly blessed our family.


Lisa said...

These pictures make his hair look really red! I love his little smile!

Cori said...

What a cutie! We took Carson in for his 2 month check up yesterday and he is weighing in at 9 ponds 7 ounces.... Around the 10th percentile in all areas. So funny to hear the differences. I love reading your posts about Brenson since my little man is the same age:)

Sarah said...

So cute!! Wow...he is a big boy!!