Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Coloring

When I was younger, one of my favorite springtime/Easter activities was dying Easter eggs. We did this throughout my entire childhood . . . even when I was in high school! I still love to dye eggs, so last Thursday we set aside some time to color eggs as a family.

Brianna didn't remember doing this last year - and didn't really know what we meant by "coloring eggs" - but she was sure excited!

Little Brenson sat with us at the table and watched intently during most of the dying process.

At first, Brianna was a little hesitant, but it didn't take her long to jump right in. In this photo, I was showing her how to write on the eggs with a crayon before putting them in the dye. She wanted to write a "B" on every egg . . . it is her favorite letter, after all!

She loved putting the eggs in the dye herself. It was a little messy, but worth it!

What is happening to that egg?

Daddy jumped in on the action, too.

After the first few eggs, she wanted to put in them in and pull them out by herself (we're very independent these days). It was cute that she was concentrating so hard :-).

They turned out so pretty!

Brianna loved the finished product! This photo was taken just seconds before she cracked these two eggs together. Oh well, we just had a little egg snack after that! And yes, Brianna eats hard-boiled eggs (but scrambled are her favorite).

After several attempts with the self-timer, this was the best family photo I could get. I was just happy that everyone was looking!


Lisa said...

Do you remember the year we even dyed eggs in Ukraine?? HA!

Mallorie said...

I'm so impressed with your family photo!!!! Y'all are precious!

I used to LOVE dying eggs! My mom would even do it with us in the summer, and then we would have easter egg hunts in the backyard! It's one of my favorite memories!