Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family of Six

Last week, my nephew and niece from Tennessee came and stayed the week with us. We had so much fun as a family of six for the week!

Sunday morning, we were all ready to go to church not only on time, but early enough to take photos. Whoo-hoo . . . I was impressed with us!

Just the girls . . . my niece Kaylee is 11 years old.

And, the guys . . . our nephew Jordan is *almost* 13 years old. Chris isn't a big man, but Jordan is already the same size as Chris!!!

Brenson-man was so sleepy that morning. We had been having too much fun all weekend.

Brianna was beyond excited to have her cousins staying with us. When they first got to our house, she acted nuts for about two hours.

Kaylee took this photo of The Hubs and me. I thought it was fun :-).

So, what did we do while they were here?

Well, we did a lot of swimming,

tried a few craft projects {this particular one went bust},

{and this one was ruined due to a spill at lunchtime},

played many, many games of Life,

and just had a good time and enjoyed each other. I wasn't sure how it would go having two more kids in the house, but it was great. Of course, it helps that they are older and so much more self-sufficient than my littles, but I really really loved having a house-full. It solidified even more my feelings of wanting more babies :-).

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