Monday, July 16, 2012

Finger Painting!

My little Brianna is a sweetheart - a sweetheart who LOVES to make a mess! Because of this, I thought that Miss Mess would enjoy a little finger-painting.

She was a little timid at first. She actually didn't like that I took her clothes off and that she had to paint in nothing but her panties, haha!

But, then she got going and completely forgot about her lack of clothing.

Eventually, it didn't even matter that she wasn't wearing clothes because she was pretty much covered in paint.

And what was Brenson doing while all this was going on? Well, he was looking at me like I was CRAZY to let Sister have all that paint and be making such a mess. 

Despite the mess, I do love this little keepsake we made:

I also loved her other masterpieces:

We'll be doing this activity again. It's too much fun to let the mess stop us!

{These photos were taken on May 24th}

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Cheryl said...

Very cute paintings! I love all handprint crafts and do them alot with my Bible class kids.