Friday, July 27, 2012

Jibber Jabber

Every single day, Brianna says something that makes me laugh. Sometimes, it's lots of somethings . . . she's just at such a great age. Of course, I sit down to write this and I can only remember a few things, but I want to keep record of what I can remember :-).

One of her favorite expressions right now is "What in the world?!?" She always uses it in context, and it's so funny when she does. Being two years old, she is constantly telling me that she can do things herself. However, she doesn't word it quite right and almost always says "on myself" instead of "by myself". For example, when we go in a store, she'll say, "I walk on myself." Haha!

One day after church, I asked Bri what she learned about in Bible Class. She quickly replied, "I didn't listen a bit." It was so hard not to laugh! Of course, that wasn't true as later she was talking about Joshua and the walls (of Jericho) . . . exactly what they had talked about in class.

Chris was sweeping the kitchen one day. Bri isn't accustomed to seeing her daddy use a broom and said, "Chris! What ARE you doing???" She loves to call us by our names :-). *Sidenote: Chris is extremely helpful around the house . . . sweeping is just not his chore of choice.*

Lately, if Bri is with me when I'm using the bathroom, she'll say, "Hold my hands so you not fall in" while offering me her hands. Bahaha!

If Brenson is fussing, sometimes Brianna will get down in his face and say, "Brudder, yittle man, why you fuss?" 

Brianna likes to refer to people as "that woman" or "that man" and often gets the man/woman part incorrect. My friend brought her boyfriend over for dinner one night, and Brianna said, "Momma, who that woman?" Oooops! A few weeks ago, we were out to dinner with a group which included two men we didn't really know. Brianna says, "Why that mans sitting wif us?" Then, we were in the car, passed a man begging on the street, and Bri says, "Momma, what that dirty woman doing?" I was so thankful the windows were UP!

Sometimes, she doesn't know the word to express what she wants to say, so she'll often just use "not" to help her get her point across. For example, she'll say, "Why you feel, ummm, not good?" or "I want to eat, ummm, not at home tonight." Her inflections make it sound so cute. 

She has recently started looking at Chris and saying, "Chris, you my father." Now she just needs a Darth Vader mask and she'll be good to go. Heehee!

We seriously love this age! 

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Cheryl said...

Such cute little comments from your sweet girl. I'm glad you're writing them down!