Monday, August 27, 2012

Alzheimer's Walk 2012

This past weekend, I (along with a few family members) participated in our local Alzheimer's Memory Walk. This is something that we have done several other times (although we missed last year), and every time I am AMAZED at the generosity of our family and friends in helping us raise funds for this cause.

This year, team Gray Wolf raised $1485 for Alzheimer's research! Isn't that incredible? I am so proud of our little team's contribution to this event! In 2008, the first year we walked, we had 3 team members and raised a little over $500. In 2009, we had 4 team members (and baby Chloe in tow) and raised a little over $1000. In 2010, we had 11 team members (with baby Brianna in tow) and raised $1510. This year, we had 7 team members (with baby Brenson in tow) and raised $1485!

Oh, and we walk in honor of my Pappy who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 12 years ago. He and my Granny were lake people for years and years, and Gray Wolf was Pappy's cb handle on the boat, so that's where we get the team name :-).

This year, the forecast called for a cloudy morning and rain in the afternoon. However, when we got up that morning, it was pouring rain and it never stopped! We decided to walk anyway, rain or no. Brenson was looking at us like, "What are we doing out in the rain?!?"

Chloe and Brianna were registered walkers for the first time this year . . . sweet girlies!

It rained for a bit when we first arrived at the walk site, then the rain slowed down and we were able to take a few photos.

My little family . . . walking for Pappy!

Our whole team:

When we registered, we were told that walkers with strollers were welcome, but we needed to hang toward the back of the crowd when the walk began. Right about the time that the gun fired (9:00am) to signal the beginning of the walk, it started to POUR!

And then, lightening stuck and the walk officials "called" the walk. If it would have just been rain, the walk would have continued, but it was dangerous with the lightening, so we were all sent home *sad*. You can see the start line in this photo . . . we never even made it to the start before we were sent home.

So, our big walk day ended up being less than an hour spent in the rain taking just a few photos and turning in the money we raised. Oh well. One of the primary purposes of the walk is to raise money for Alzheimer's research and the rain certainly didn't effect that.

THANK YOU again to all of our friends and family that supported us this year!


Johannah said...

What an awesome event! And congrats on raising all the money!!!! =)

Naomi said...

That's so cool! Y'all look so cute in your matching shirts! :)