Friday, September 28, 2012

Brenson's Monthly Photo Scrapbook

Before Brenson was born, I set several goals for myself to accomplish. One of those goals was to complete a small scrapbook for him (like the one I did for Brianna) so that after he was born all I would have to do was fill it with photos. Well, I did get a good portion of it finished, but it has sat incomplete since February. I've had great intentions to finish it up several times, but it had not worked out for one reason or another. This past week, I finally decided to get. it. done. No excuses!

It's such a good feeling to have a project completed! I don't have photos in the book yet, but that is for sure the easy part! 

Here is the outside of the album:
I used the same color scheme for his book as I did in his room. This is exactly what I did with Brianna's book as well. I guess I have a hard time branching out, haha!

This is the cover page . . . the first page you see when you open the book (you can click on any of these to make them larger):

The little tags pull out of the pockets and Chris and I will eventually write on them for him.

The page with his stats and space for a newborn photo:

Each page after this has space for our favorite photo of Brenson from each month of his first year.

Doing boy layouts was a bit of a stretch at first. I've done several of these books as gifts, but all for girls!

This is one of my favorite layouts from the book!

On the left side of this layout is space for a family photo. On the right side is a poem I wrote for Bren. It's typed out at the bottom of this post so you can read it if you want.

This is the closing page of the book:

The poem I wrote reads as follows:

We have dreamed of you - a son,
A boy to call our own.
We have dreamed of you - a gift,
A blessing from heaven alone.
We have dreamed of you - a heart,
Meant to love, serve, aspire.
We have dreamed of you - a soul,
Seeking the Lord's will and desire.
We have dreamed of you - a spirit,
Unique, priceless, and strong.
We have dreamed of you - a brother,
A companion all along.
We have dreamed of you - a life,
Filled with fulfillment and with joy.
We have dreamed of you - our son.
Our pride. Our love. Our boy.
And now you're here - our dream,
Our prayer, our wish-come-true.
Welcome to the world,
It's been waiting for you!

You can read the poem I wrote for Brianna here. Please do not reprint or copy either one :-).


linda eller said...

You are very talented and have something to cherish for a long, long time.

Justin and Marcie said...

That is an incredible poem!!! And I am loving that book!!!