Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some random thoughts for today...

Hi, Everyone! I hope you're having a good week so far. I have a few random thoughts that I'd like to share. Yes, this is one those posts *grin*.

  • As usual, I'm loving Autumn. It's my favorite season by far. A week or so ago, I saw this seasonally scented febreeze air effects and decided I needed to try it. Ummm, it's pretty much amazing. It makes my whole house smell delightful AND the scent lasts for a long time. It gets an A+ in my book!

  • Last week, I finally made time to put out my Autumn decor. It makes me smile.

  • This past weekend, we took a whirlwind trip to see my grandparents (about 3 hours away). They have recently moved in to an assisted living facility. Aside from wanting to see them and their new home, we also picked up a few things that wanted us and my siblings to have from their old house. 

Love this photo of them with Brenson

My Pappy whistles all the time, and that's what he was doing in this photo.

It didn't take any time at all for Brianna  to find my Granny's little stash of toys and books! 

It was a good day and a hard day. They've lived in their house for well over 50 years, so that's the only home I've ever known them to have. Visiting them elsewhere was so strange to me in many ways. But, I also know that sometimes the hardest things and the right things are the same.

  • Brenson started "for real" crawling this past Monday (Oct. 15th). He's been really close for weeks now, but he just couldn't quite get it. A video of him in action is posted below. We were being creative with what we used to motivate him to crawl, and those things included a photo of Brianna as a baby, a coin bank shaped like a woman wearing a dress, and a tube of toothpaste. Crazy, yes??? But hey, it worked! Yesterday, I put his bottle on the floor and he crawled all the way across the living room to get it. I think he needs a shirt that says, "Will crawl for food" haha! It cracks us up how he gets so excited that he'll stop and flail his arms and legs. Oh, and I apologize for the videography at the end of the clip. Ahem.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


linda eller said...

Love your fall decorations. I used to do things like that when I had kids at home, but they are all married and I do to their houses to see the decorations now. Hope you have a terrific day!

Anonymous said...

I put out my fall decor out over the weekend!