Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday in the Park

On Tuesdays, I take the kiddos to music class in the nearby "big" city. Since Chris works downtown in the city, we will sometimes meet up with him for lunch after class. Brianna has really been wanting to have a picnic with Daddy, so on September 18th we picked Daddy up after class and did just that!

The weather was so perfect that day . . . it was sunny and 70 degrees!

We went to a new park in downtown that just opened a month or so ago. It was a beautiful place for a picnic! Although it was too chilly for Brianna to play on this new splashpad, we had to walk over to it and check it out.

Brianna insisted on getting dangerously close to the water. Actually, she would get super close to the holes when they weren't spraying water. We kept warning her that she was going to get sprayed, and sure enough, she did. It really scared her at first, but she was laughing about it soon enough.

The park has several little areas like this where there is mist coming out of rocks. I'm pretty sheltered, but I haven't really seen anything like this.

Brenson was fascinated with the mist.

Brianna loved picnicing with Daddy! It made her day for sure.

Brenson loves being outside, so he had a great time, too. Definitely something we'll be doing again :-).


linda eller said...

So much fun, doing something different from the usual. Anything you can do with family is memory making. Have a good Tuesday.

Cheryl said...

What a fun day! It's the simple things that matter most a lot of the times.