Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Obligatory Halloween Post

I mentioned previously that I'm pretty much over Halloween. It's never been my favorite, although it is a little more fun now that we have children. However, I know I'll want these photos in my blog in the future, so I went ahead and stomached all the hoopla one more time to write this post :-).

Now, when I was a kid, we pretty much dressed up and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood on one night. I don't really remember there being a whole lot of other activities going on (but maybe I just don't remember . . . not my favorite, remember? :-). However, this year we did three separate Halloween events, and even turned down invitations to two others. I feel like that is out of control! At least we're getting good use out of the costumes.

Here we are at our first Halloween event of the season . . . a fun trunk-or-treat the weekend before October 31st!

It was chilly that night, but we had fun anyway!

Our friends, Kendall & Wes, invited us to this event. Their baby girls are due ANY DAY now. Eeeek! Kendall's costume was too cute!

Brianna doesn't remember anything Halloween from last year, so this was all new and very exciting for our little zebra (which people kept calling a cow or a cat ???)!

Brenson was not thrilled when we put him in his costume. Brianna wore this same costume for her first Halloween, and she loved it! However, Bren does not love to confined, so I think all the stuffing and the hood really bothered him. He did cheer up quickly and have a good time though (this photo was at the end of the night).

We also wore our costumes to Music Class the day before Halloween. Little kids are so funny about costumes. They were all SO EXCITED to be dressed up, but by the end of class almost everyone had stripped off the extra baggage. This is most of the children in our class:

I loved my view that day :-)

Brenson has really started to participate in class, and it is so fun to watch! Daddy was able to be with us in class this day.

Brianna always loves the scarf activities:

Miss Teresa (our teacher) gave all of the parents cat ears to wear during class. Brianna thought it was great that I had them on.

We've been doing picnics with some of the other families in our class about every other week. This week, it was pretty chilly, so we had our picnic at the studio. Our picnicing crew:

On actual Halloween day, we went to the town where my sister lives and participated in their main street trick-or-treating.

Chloe and Brianna were both so excited to get CANDY!!!

Cutie :-)

My little guy loooooves being outside, so he was very happy during this event!

Did you know that zebras love giraffes?

My sis and her family:

Our family (my hair looked AWFUL that night):

I have been slowly rationing the candy to Brianna bit by bit. At this rate, it will be next Halloween before it's all gone. Sigh.


Johannah said...

The Zebra costume is soooo adorable! Love it! Halloween has never been my favorite either, but we do it all up for Emma =) Glad you guys had a great night!

Cheryl said...

Very cute costumes! I'm glad you had a good time even though it's not your fav holiday. The kids looked like they had a ball! Once they figure out that candy is behind every door, they are so funny! haha

linda eller said...

I think the merchants, the media, etc. go over-board, but the kiddies seem to have fun. Your two were so cute and glad they enjoyed. You sound like one of my daughters....she rations the candy and it lasts forever! lol

Mallorie said...

Ohhhhh my goodness! They are TOO PRECIOUS! :-) I wish we were real life friends and could have had your zebra and giraffe with my little elephant! We would have had our own little safari! ;-)