Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brenson's First Haircut

Back on January 22, we took Brenson for his first haircut. He has thick, nice boy hair, and I'm really thankful that he got the hair he did and Brianna got the hair she did. We had to take her for her first haircut the day after she turned four months old, and had Brenson ended up with hair like that we would have to take him constantly to get a trim. But, he didn't :-).

His hair didn't look terrible, he just needed the back evened a bit and it trimmed up around the ears mostly. I was a little concerned about how he would react to the whole haircut thing, but he did great! 

He did keep looking at me like, "Is this really okay, Mom?"

 He was quite serious (which is how he always is in new situations), but he sat very still.

Chop-chop :-)

He was so relieved when it was over and we let him get up! Just look at how handsome he is! I hope all of his haircuts go this smoothly.


Justin and Marcie said...

I'm getting ready to take Carter for his first haircut too. He doesn't have much hair so my husband thinks I'm crazy, but what he does have is falling over his ears and it's totally uneven on his forehead so I definitely think it's time even though his head isn't covered in hair. I hope he has half the reaction Brenson did. Such a good boy to keep still the whole time!

Heather said...

Aww so cute!!! And how lucky that he sat so still! Rowan cried and shook his head the entire time..ah!

Cheryl said...

Brenson is too cute! I'm glad he didn't cry while getting his hair cut. He looks so proud in that last pic!