Monday, March 25, 2013

The Weekend Wrap-up

Did you all have a good weekend? We did. It was busy busy, but that is pretty normal around these parts :-).

Back in November, one of my close friends gave me a spa daycation gift card for my birthday. The plan was for both my friend and I to get full body massages, then spend the rest of the day shopping and relaxing. Is it sad that this past Saturday was the soonest we could coordinate to use it? However, it proved to be worth the wait as it was THE BEST massage I have EVER had! Plus, as an added bonus, the lady doing my massage got into a minor car accident that morning (obviously, this wasn't a bonus for her . . . and she was fine . . . no injuries), so I had to wait for close to an hour for my massage. In the meantime, I got to soak in the spa's jet tub and drink chamomile tea and be extra pampered and it was wonderful. Sigh. 

Soooo, while I was enjoying my daycation, my wonderful hubby stayed home with the children. Am I a blessed girl or what? He is great with the kiddos, and I never have to worry when I leave them with him. And of course, they love it when they get to spend a day with daddy! Daddy decided to feed them Beefaroni for lunch (GAG!). Since I don't feed them disgusting stuff like this, they thought it was GREAT! Brenson made a total mess with it . . . haha!

It was so bad that The Hubs had to give him a bath after lunch. I love it when he's squeaky clean!

Yesterday, we had an event at church that Chris and I were pretty much heading up. That meant that we had Bible study and worship in the morning, grabbed a quick lunch, were back at the church building by 1:30 to set up, directed the event (that was from 3:00 to 5:00pm), then had worship again from 5:00 to 6:00pm. It was a LONG day, but a great day!

Chloe Jo and Brianna were so sweet and helpful during most of the day. Love these girlies! Oh, and it snowed yesterday morning and was freezing. That's why the girls are still wearing their winter wardrobe on March 24th :-).

I was telling Chris last night that the children are at such a fabulous age right now. I love these ages! We were gone from our house from 8:45am to 7:00pm, and we didn't have one single major incident with the children. Brenson is the diaper blow-out king, and we didn't even have any of that! I packed extra clothes for both of them, and we didn't have to do a wardrobe change for either one! And even with minimal naps and weird food and complete over-stimulation, they both just went with it all day and did so great. Now, don't get me wrong, I love having a tiny baby or sweet little chubby 6 month old, but these stages are pretty great as well!

Brianna has the fake smile down to a science!

My sweet, sweet girl:

So over taking photos . . .

But, finally gave me one last cute one . . . with a REAL smile!

Brenson was excited for his turn to sit in the chair.

He is the easiest child to photograph.

He smiles so cute on command!

Such a big dude . . . who looks extra grown up in jeans!

I hope your weekend was as good as ours!


Justin and Marcie said...

The picture of Brenson with his hands up and that smile from ear to ear is the cutest picture ever!!! And I am loving Brianna's orange dress and stockings. I am soooooo gonna need a girl in round 2 :)

Lisa said...

Love the picture of the girls together!