Monday, March 11, 2013

Mamarazzi Monday

Happy Monday, Everyone! Today I'm going to do something new and link up with Heather at Hold My Heart for Mamarazzi Monday. 

The goal of this link-up is to post photos that you take throughout the week. Almost like a photo-dump. I'm pretty excited about this as it's a perfect way to sneak more photos into the blog that normally wouldn't make the cut :-). 

This week, I broke the rules a little and uploaded a few photos that are not from this week. I just couldn't leave them out! From now on though, I'll do the previous week's photos only.

The photo was actually taken at the end of January. We fixed Brenson's hair for church, and between that and his little button-up, I couldn't get over how BIG he looked. So handsome!

Love my guys in their matching ties :-)

We went to the mall a few weeks ago, and Brenson loooooved this car. So fun.

The rest of the photos are from this week :-).

Our weather has been super wonky lately. One day it's 70 degrees and the next it's snowing. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the winter and the snow, but the nicer days have been fabulous! Thursday, we spent quite a bit of time outside playing. Brenson got this mower for his birthday and it's a BIG hit!

Daddy got home while we were playing and joined us for a bit.

Brianna enjoyed her big wheel. She's finally getting big enough to reach the pedals really well.

After a while, she ditched the big wheel for bubbles . . . probably her favorite outside activity.

Brenson had to take a break from mowing to rest in the grass. We were quickly losing daylight, but that won't be as much of an issue now that we are in DST again. I have a love-hate relationship with DST.

This is pretty much what Brianna's hair always looks like by the end of the day if I don't re-fix it. Oh well.

After mowing, big wheels, and bubbles, we broke out the side-walk chalk. Definitely another favorite! Brenson was such a mess when we were through. Happy, but a mess!

We had a playdate with our favorite twins on Friday. We packed a lunch and planned to go to the park, but the weather betrayed us and it ended up cold and rainy. Boooo. Brianna was so disappointed, so we told her that we would go on Saturday if the weather permitted. Well, it was cold and super windy on Saturday, so we took a walk around our neighborhood, but didn't end up playing outside much or going to the park. Instead, we took a little field trip to Atwoods (a local farm store) to see the baby chicks. Every year in the spring, Atwoods has several troughs that house baby chickens, turkeys, guineas, and ducks. It makes for a fun, quick, and free outing!

 This is the first year Brenson has been old enough to enjoy this activity. He was pretty smitten with the chicks.

 In this photo, he was really wanting to hold one. Not allowed.

They were also handing out free popcorn, so we enjoyed that!

After getting home from Atwoods, we noticed that Brenson felt really hot. Sure enough, he was running a fever. He was so grumpy the rest of the day, and took an extra long afternoon nap. He woke up yesterday (Sunday) with a fever and acting the same, so I kept him home from church. Brianna and Daddy went by themselves.

She looked especially cute - albeit so grown up - yesterday!

I think Brenson is teething? I'm not sure though and didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick if it's a virus. Either way, I'm ready to have my happy guy back!

While Brenson was being a total grumpy-gus and taking up his parents' attention, Brianna happily played in her room. She's generally very good about that. She has several (as you can see) of these snap-n-style girls, babies, and dogs. She loves them because she can dress them herself, and I love them for the same reason :-). We went to check on her and found this:

I love the way they were all dressed and lined up!

Yay for Mamarazzi Monday!


Life With Lauren said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. They are so cute!

Emily said...

LOVE the fo-hawk ;)

Breanna said...

Hi Chelley!

I'm Breanna of Counting Blessings - Host of Mamarazzi Mondays! Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with us this week! Your littles are ADORABLE! Eeeeep! :)

I hope you'll link up with us again in the future! :) I am also your newest follower! :)



Heather said...

I love this post!! :) thanks so much for linking up with us today girl, the pictures of your little ones are adorable! Looks like you had a fun week :) hopefully the warm weather will stick's back and forth here too. I hope Brenson feels better soon! It's so hard when they don't feel well :(

Cheryl said...

Lots of fun activities y'all have done! Yay!