Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I'm {This} Many

Last night, during our nightly devotional with the children, Chris asked Brianna if there was anything that she wanted to thank God for that day. She gave her usual list of toys, books, family, friends, etc. Then, she said the funniest little gem.

Daddy: Okay, let's all fold our hands and pray.
Brianna: Wait! One more thing. When I'm a lot, A LOT more older, I'm going to have a car and I'll drive my friends around and around in my car and we need to pray for all my friends who are going to ride with me in my car when I have my own car and I'm going to drive. When I'm this {holding up four fingers} many. 


You know, Brianna, that's not a bad idea. I do think that I'll start praying NOW for you and your friends riding around in your car. :-)

Love this sweet girl so much!


Chris said...

This made me laugh again this morning.

Anonymous said...

So sweet

Justin and Marcie said...

hahahaha!!!! That's hilarious!

Cheryl said...

This is so funny! She sure is thinking ahead! haha

asg said...

I think that is the greatest thing I have ever heard!!! I laughed so much!!! Thanks!!!